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Wag & Wave Elwood Grooming

Company Overview

Welcome to Wag & Wave Elwood Grooming, your pet’s exclusive grooming haven. Located at 18 Ormond Road, Elwood, VIC 3184, we are dedicated to providing exceptional grooming services for your furry companions. Our team, characterized by passion and expertise, offers comprehensive grooming care in a warm and inviting environment, ensuring that each visit leaves your pet feeling cared for and joyful.

Wag & Wave Elwood Grooming

Our Mission

At Wag & Wave Elwood Grooming, our mission is to revitalize and showcase the unique charm of your pets through high-quality, personalized grooming services. Understanding the uniqueness of each pet, our professional team combines meticulous care with efficient techniques to ensure the best grooming experience for every customer’s beloved pet.

Our Location

Our grooming center is conveniently situated at 18 Ormond Road in Elwood, Victoria. More than just a place for grooming, it is a space for relaxation and enjoyment for both you and your pet. We welcome you to visit us at any time to experience our unique services and friendly environment.

Business Hours

To better serve you, our business hours are from 8 am to 4 pm every day. During this time, our dedicated team is committed to providing various grooming services for your pets, ensuring they spend enjoyable moments in a clean and comfortable environment. We look forward to creating wonderful memories for you and your pets at Wag & Wave Elwood Grooming!