Our Services


Full Grooming

Elevate your pet's grooming experience to a whole new level of sophistication with our signature full grooming service. Our expert groomers start by indulging your furry friend in a luxurious full bath, ensuring a thorough cleanse and an infusion of freshness. Beyond the basics, we meticulously trim the groin, bottom, and paw pads, prioritizing hygiene. The pièce de résistance is a full body makeover, tailored precisely to suit both your lifestyle and your pet's unique personality. Witness your pet transform into the epitome of elegance, exuding charm and style.


Forever Young

Embrace the joy of your puppy's first grooming experience with our exclusive Forever Young service. Designed to accommodate each individual personality, this comprehensive grooming session introduces your pup to the art of pampering. Our attentive groomers ensure your puppy feels at ease throughout, providing a full grooming experience that caters to their unique needs. As a delightful bonus, you'll receive a personalized souvenir, commemorating this special milestone. Note: This service is exclusively available for puppies under six months old.


Nail Clip

Prioritize your dog's paw health with our Nail Clip service, a crucial element of overall well-being. Our skilled groomers expertly trim and tidy your dog's nails, preventing potential breaks, tears, and posture-related issues. Trust us to deliver meticulous care, ensuring your pet's paws remain in optimal condition for a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Breed Clip

For those who appreciate a touch of tradition, our Breed Clip service seamlessly blends the classic Petiquette treatment with timeless grooming styles. Immerse your pet in an experience that combines sophistication with old-school charm, ensuring they maintain a look that complements the heritage of their breed. Let us pamper your pet with a fusion of elegance and classic grooming techniques.


Stay & Play Pet Daycare

Treat your furry companion to a day of ultimate joy and relaxation with our Stay & Play Pet Daycare. Our indoor/outdoor, cage-free environment is thoughtfully equipped with a ball pit and an array of stimulating toys, providing endless entertainment for even the most energetic dogs. For those who prefer a more laid-back experience, our outdoor lounging area is the perfect spot for cozy nanna naps. Rest easy knowing your pet is in the best hands, enjoying a day of fun, socialization, and relaxation.


Quick Dip

Indulge your pet in a revitalizing spa experience with our Quick Dip service—a perfect blend of efficiency and luxury. This comprehensive treatment includes a thorough cleansing wash and massage, gentle exfoliation for a rejuvenated coat, and a pampering blowdry. Our expert groomers also take care of essential tasks like a brush out, nail trim, and teeth brushing, leaving your pet with a fresh and minty finish. Provide your pet with express care that ensures they stay clean, comfortable, and positively glowing.